Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)

Currently, we are the only practice in Collier County that offer VBAC (vaginal deliveries after cesarean section) to our eligible patients.

Patient’s are eligible for a VBAC if only one prior uncomplicated c-section was previously performed. Operative Report from your prior cesarean section must be provided (we can request your records from your previous provider). Baby must be estimated less than 9lbs. We do not induce for a VBAC. Repeat c-section will be scheduled on your due date (if you have not gone into labor prior to that).

During labor, continuous monitoring of baby is required with a working IV (intravenous line) to be able to give you fluids and medications. As always, if complications arise to you or your child, performing a repeat c-section will be at the discretion of the doctor that is present at the time of delivery.

What criteria must I meet to be considered for VBAC?

  • No more than 1 low transverse cesarean deliveries
  • No additional uterine scars, anomalies or previous ruptures
  • Your health care provider should be prepared to monitor labor and perform or refer for a cesarean if necessary
  • Your birth location should have personnel available on weekends and evenings in case a cesarean is necessary

What other criteria would make me a good candidate for a VBAC?

  • If the original reason for cesarean delivery is not repeated with this pregnancy
  • You have no major medical problems
  • The baby is a normal size
  • The baby is head-down

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