An annual exam is essential to keeping your gynecological health and wellness on track. Each exam is performed with the utmost sensitivity, ensuring you are in a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere that will help you reach your medical goals on your terms.

During your exam, your physician will answer any of your questions and discuss any concerns you may have about your reproductive and sexual health, as well as your medical history, sexual history, and menstrual cycle.

Your physician will perform breast and pelvic exams to check for any irregularities. If applicable, a Pap smear may be performed to screen for cervical cancer or other tests may be performed to check for sexually transmitted diseases.

Why Have an Annual Gynecological Exam:

  • Check for irregularities in the breast and pelvis
  • Screen for cervical cancer and/or STDs
  • Address any gynecological concerns or questions
  • Maintain overall health and wellness

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