Tackle the Fibroid, Protect the Uterus

The Acessa procedure allows for a thorough and minimally invasive method of treating your fibroids. It was designed to preserve healthy uterine tissue by focusing treatment only on the fibroid (versus cutting into the uterus or removing it completely) while relieving symptoms caused by fibroids.

What Is the Acessa Procedure?

The medical term for the Acessa procedure is Laparoscopic Radiofrequency Ablation (Lap RFA). That’s a real mouthful. Essentially, what the doctor does is deliver heat directly into a fibroid in order to treat the tissue and in turn, relieve your symptoms.

Could It Be Right for You?

While the Acessa procedure is right for some, only you and your physician can decide the best treatment option for you. Call A Woman’s Place to request and appointment to explore if this is a solution for you.

See It In Action

Vodcast Live:
New Technology for Fibroids – Tackle the Fibroid, Protect the Uterus

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