For any of the following reasons, we ask you to come in for evaluation. If during office hours, you may come here. If after hours, proceed directly to The Birth Place at North Collier Hospital.

You are in labor: Labor is expected to occur between 37-41 weeks gestation. Signs of labor are persistent painful contractions that come regularly (every 2-20 minutes). If you are earlier than 37 weeks and think you are in labor, come in immediately. If you are 37 weeks or more and contractions have started, it is okay for you to stay home when in early labor. You can do any activities that keep you comfortable such as walking around, taking a warm shower or resting in bed. When the contractions are increasing in intensity (for example, if you cannot talk during the contraction), please come to the hospital.

Your membranes have ruptured: Rupture of membranes (when the bag of water “breaks”) is usually noted as a continuous trickle or a large gush of warm fluid. If you believe your membranes have ruptured, please come to the hospital to be evaluated even if you are not having contractions.

The baby is not moving well: On average, you should feel at least 6-10 movements per hour. If you are concerned about fetal movement, lay down in a quiet place and pay attention to his/her movements. If you continue to be concerned or if there is a decrease in fetal movement from what you are accustomed to, please come in for evaluation.

You are bleeding: A small amount of bleeding (spotting) may occur just after intercourse or after the physician examines you. If you are bleeding at any other time, especially if it is heavy, come in immediately for evaluation.